Initial release dateOctober 22, 2019
DeveloperVisual Concepts
ReleaseStandard Edition: WW: October 22, 2019
SeriesWWE 2K
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Publishers2K Games2K Sports

WWE 2K20 MyCareer Trailer

we never thought it was possible that someday we'd be WWE Superstars ourselves but if I've learned anything it's that nothing is truly unattainable.
Congrats on the Hall of Fame we were just telling POC all about how we got started we're going to make a list of everything we'll accomplish some day will we become WWE Superstars I bet you're here for Bret Hart hey I'm ready for people to know who I am.
I'm with you through good and bad we're a package deal package do you have to be realistic look I will make it it's on our list in this business there's only one surefire way to cement your legacy and become immortal the Reaper is waiting to drag you through the fires of hell.
The ocean of reincarnation come out here and accept my challenge if you're not gonna give me a title match then I'll just have to beat one out of you you just risked everything for me show them why you belong here okay if you want to keep running your mouth then come over here and do it to my face you can't recast me what happens more than a train running for his life I have no idea that trophy could be ours don't hold back.
I never do I respect your loyalty that goes a long way in this business this is.

The WWE 2K20 MY CAREER TRAILER is finally here. Been waiting for this!

WWE 2K20 - MyCareer Trailer | PS4


people you know what time it is the long long long awaited ww2 k20 gameplay trailer is here I'm gonna shut up I'm just stop talking we're gonna we're just gonna watch it well I'll watch it react to it afterwards just let's just forget watching hit that thumbs up button let's go let's go baby ooh what is that let make you look good me oh damn okay or swimmin different attires for Becky we copyrighted for this song but it is what it is but the cell is cell coming down that is a lot of people here.

okay be through whoa what was that I remember go back to that yo what's this crazy fire stuff Champa how a bomb on the car you seen that King looks good.

okay oh it's that's it oh my god man and a more Bray bump in the night sookay originals that's it

Oh oh my god hold on hold on hold on hold on what is this number one that looks freaking crazy I wonder if this is originals or if this is career originals are career I don't know cuz remember last year's trailer they showed those clips of like Bray Wyatt with the gas mask and some other stuff like that I don't know what that is okay let me go forward to that one part that so a lot of the four horsewomen you know with their separate tires for showcase mode a lot of show like most of this stuff here is probably showcase mode stuff I like the cell coming down that's a cool new little animation where was that big fiery pit hold on a lot of the models look really good.

That is that Balor kind of looks like Balor with the horny okay ah that looks that looks pretty crazy I mean you guys know that this original stuff is probably one of the few things that I'm like really looking forward to that is wild it's wild I wonder if yeah probably not I wonder if you can like fight in these areas probably not though it doesn't look there's any way to get there oh man can you like throw people in the fire can you light on fire can you run on treadmills I have so many questions oh my god that's not enough was that the Wyatt compound.

I think that's the white compound looks a little different than last year's though okay what else did I miss uh I don't really see was that house was I think that was Alastair black I think that was yes that's kind of good boys levitating what is happening that's kind of wild this original stuff I'm definitely I'm definitely like that's got my interest piqued and this frigging fire arena looks kind of nutty Nikki crosses back now is it now oh I'm knocking stuff over is this.

Here in Kane this is not the fire arena this is that thing from earlier in the thing I explained that so wonderfully what the hell is this I feel like this is part a career I don't know why I get that feeling this is part of Korea I don't think that this is an original thing because Undertaker and Kane are normal looking and the original stuff I feel like a lot of people are like they have like different like you saw Balor and and now stir so this this might be like a piece of the career I'm thinking maybe I don't know I could be wrong chomp is back Oh Tony still I don't even know Tony storm first time around just good that was good that was that zombie Sasha I didn't see that either I missed a couple things
hence gay king for so life that Lawler is one of like the best looking models this year I don't know why that's kind of crazy and then that's it ah man no more after that man I need more man I need more than that.

I didn't really see any new animations the the parking lot where was that parking lot cool it chomp us back zombie Sasha looks pretty cool I feel like this looks like exactly the same like the same backstage area I was kind of hoping they'd expand on that maybe that maybe they did I don't know but there's there's this this is like on par with the 2k 19 trailer like it's kind of the same type of just flashes of stuff I need more than that man I don't know so like some of the models look really good but uh I just hope this games good man I don't know dude.

I just hope I hope it's better than 19 I hope it's not exactly the same as 19 that's creepy as hell
I mean there's some cool looking stuff in there but it's it's it's honestly it's on par with the 2k 19 stuff like nothing nothing too crazy popped out of me aside from the original stuff but we already kind of knew that the original stuff was gonna be a little out there which is decent again I don't really see any new animations not too much from career mode I don't think areas look kind of the same I don't know I don't know that I need to see more I just need to play this damn thing uh uh there's there's not enough here there's not enough here for me to really say one way or the other like I said it looks kind of on par with 2k 19 and that's really all I can say right now until I get my hands on it so let me know what you guys think maybe there's like that's creepy as hell maybe there's something that I missed but from what I'm seeing like the spew the spirit of the barricade was exactly the same I really didn't see.

I really didn't see anything new I didn't see anything new that really stuck out to me aside from this stuff obviously this stuff seems really cool but aside from the DLC stuff I don't know man the horse women look look pretty good we'll see we'll see man um um I can't really say much right now I need I just need to play it like I said so let me know if I miss something down in the comments let me know if you saw something that I didn't and we're getting really really close to the release of this game and we don't know a whole lot yet and you boys a little concerned about that.

I hope I hope they're holding out on something that they haven't shown us yet but it is what it is
we'll see hopefully I play it sooner rather than later and I will have an actual verdict for you but until then we shall wait a little more let me know you guys thought down below hit that thumbs up button before you go thank you so.

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So today is the day it is official WWE 2k 20 game play trailer day yes we've weighed this for a long time and now we've got it we haven't seen much gameplay when it comes to 2k 20 this will be our first real in-depth look so I'm quite excited about this 2k WWE games tweeted out last night that we would get the official gameplay trailer today and now we have it so let's not delay this any further.

Let's get stuck in and check out the official WWE 2k 20 gameplay trailer which is 1 minute and 16 seconds let's go there's the man oh what was that oh oh oh wow he looks good very fiendish in fact if one looks pretty good I'm liking this the women's 2k showcase going on oh how good does the fiend look Wow and I'm cold the rock stinged uh not too much different spear wow what was that was that a real demon Finn Balor mr. black taker and Kane fighting in hell Champa ho good looks amazing whoa Jerry Lawler looks very good big leg drop from the Hulkster oh wow yowee Wow II I nearly missed that bit damn damn.

Now must say where you've been hiding all this 2k for the last three months we've heard next to nothing and then you drop this you deliver this and boom I'm hyped really good trailer a lot to take in very quick the fiend steals the show on this trailer certainly if you want to check out the official gameplay trailer you can do so via the link in the description box below if you want to see it for yourself.

I'm gonna watch it back once more but I honestly feel that in terms of the way that the superstars look we've been questioning the way they've looked but they look much more polished in this trailer than they have in the entire marketing campaign to date.

So if feels like 2k have been waiting to deliver this one let's check it out once more one minute and 16 seconds in my opinion of fire straight fire for the man Becky Lynch let's go let's go let's go that take a shot is great let me oh he's got the new land and in ah Charlotte looks great here was questioning the way she looked.

Previously but she looks solid the Tron's look good do they not we've seen that we've seen this to Helena so let's good art when I stand in there that's updated putting in reigns with Rowan Oh boom and I'm cold looks wicked sting not really much of a change there the velvetine dream looks very good boom spear that is cool the bump in the night staff looks fantastic.

I'm really diggin it Nikki cross Champa Tony time missed her first time boom oh man Jerry Lorna looks oh he looks so good I gotta say Wow yeah nearly nearly done it again nearly missed it again that fiend outro is on point oh wow you know I made that little break out concept a little while ago we've defined kind of looks like to me they could do something like that from the way they shot this trailer but overall good no not good great trailer by 2k I pat on the back to you guys definitely been questioning this game up until this point I felt like the bump in the night staff looked really really cool like seriously that demon or you know that demon finn bálor that we saw the alistair black staff even take her on his knee wherever that was just the coal and everything that crisp and sharp so I'm definitely not over you know over playing this I am quite overwhelmed by how good that trailer was if there was a criticism because of course you have to have one I would say that it did look like that we had the same sort of animations four moves so you saw the spear through the barrier that's the same as previous years so maybe would have been nice to have sort of oh my god moments be recapped to me to look slightly different but I mean in terms of this is a trailer and getting me excited for the game considering that we haven't had much thus far this has piqued my interest.

Definitely so what do you think go and check it out for yourself come back here and let me know in the comments section how did you feel going into this trailer how do you feel now going out of it I'm just gonna say yo e while we enjoyed it nice work 2k I'm excited now to play the game
 it was fiendish this is Dudzinski and I'll see you later
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